Ilya Dorsky, owner and founder at Dordor Gallery, came to NYC and meet DM to tell what is a Dordor and how it's related with artworld. So here is his manifest.

Why Dordor Gallery? By focusing on alternative, it gives the Russian art community a long-needed breath of fresh air, becoming a key venue for Moscow underground art.

Despite the overwhelming amount of promising new projects, the attention of major state galleries is mostly restricted to the classics, the traditional art. Naturally, there is a considerable number of modern art galleries, but strict censorship puts a heavy strain on them, and commercial galleries only work with established artists. As a result, emerging young artists have close to zero chance of holding their own exhibition.

This is what Dordor Gallery is about: giving these artists' career a starting point. Also, since, compared with their European colleagues, Russian artists have less ways to promote, for them Dordor Gallery becomes not merely an exhibition space, but also an opportunity to speak out and participate in international art life.

Russian contemporary art is a significant cultural phenomenon that goes regrettably unnoticed by the world art community. Although Russian people are often very talented, they also tend to be very shy. They are incredibly insecure and sometimes susceptible to stereotypes. All this makes it difficult for our artists to find their way, as for them it is a constant struggle with the society moral and their own inherited mindset.
Being our resident means a wide range of opportunities and benefits. For instance, you can arrange a personal exhibition at any Dordor Gallery (Moscow or New York). We are also eager to help with all stages of the production process, promotion, finding curators, etc. In short, our resident benefits from all sorts of useful acquaintances and gains an opportunity to collaborate with other artists.
Dordor is willing to work with all artists, regardless of their ethnic background or the language they speak.

Finally, Dordor is not about promoting the Russian national idea. It's simply that, in my opinion, Russian contemporary art is among the most undervalued at the moment, which is why we see our mission in trying to change this.

And that become a reason to open Dordor in Bushwick. Well, that's a story for another day.
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