Victor Veykhler
West Coast of the Mars
As far as I know, before LA you lived in NY, when you moved and why?
I moved to California almost a one year ago. It's hard to pick exactly a reason why. Probably the main reason is a nature. I was amazed how beautiful and surreal this part of America. NYC is very special city for me. But I just tired of amount of people around and lack of nature. To get outside of city you need spend like $15 for tolls and at lest 2hr driving.

When I first time get to LA I didn't like it at all. I didn't get the city. For me it was bunch of small houses and highways. But this expression changed over the time. I loved more and more every day. It's become a special place for me.
I am looking at your photos and thinking: aren't you a designer?
I'm really lazy person. And photography is probably the fastest way to express. You see beauty, you click it, 10 min in Lightroom and it's ready.

A year ago I start learning a 3D. I thing somehow I will implement this tool in my workflow. I dont know exactly how, but I will figure out.
How did you get to this? (Why did you start taking photos?)
My first experience was in 2007, when I come to USA for first time. I was capturing everything what I saw.

I think I was using one of this Sony cyber shoot point-n-shoot cameras. Then I stop for 5 years. In 2014 I got my first iPhone.

I started again. But the real breaking point was in 2015, when I broke up with a girlfriend. I was feeling really depressed and shity. So to get out from that I took my mothers canon 60D, which she doesn't use. And I start shooting streets of NYC.

For publication I picked those those photos they are full of loud silence, are you traveling alone?
Most of the time, yes. Sometimes with friends. But it different experience. I prefer do it alone. Less distractions.
What camera do you use?
Ricoh gr II. Probably the best camera what I use. It's very small (u can put it in a pocket), big sensor, nice crisp wide lense, good colors and comfortable UI.
How about film cameras? Do you have one?
I always want one. But I don't know where to start and what camera and lenses I should buy. Any recommendations?
Hm…Any medium format and Fuji Mju II 35mm.
So, I like your work… do you know why is that?) What exactly makes you stop and take a shot?
It's just a impulse. I see something unusual (light, color or composition). And took photo of that.

Do you use photoshop to retouch them?
Most of the time it's Lightroom. Then sometimes I put some preset on top of my color corrections. For presets I use RNI on my iPhone.

Recently I discover capture one. Really awesome software, with unlimited color opportunities.
I want to see the world through your eyes. Why do you use these colors? It looks completely unearthly and mysterious.
To be honest, I don't know why this colors :) it's just come intuitive. I love to play with this color sliders in Lightroom.

But from my recent lsd trip, I was surprised, when I saw exactly same colors and saturation's in real life. So probably it's sitting in my subconscious.
You are not shooting people at all? How come?
I'm not really a social person. So i think my work represent this. I have some portraits of my friends and girls. But it's only 10% of my pictures, as the same like in my life
What are your next plans? Where will you go?
I'm really want to go to Utah again. What a magnificent place!
May I come with you?
Of course. Let's go:)
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